Why our Marriage Proposal Story Guide ROCKS!

  • A dozen, real-life marriage proposal stories from our database
  • The Gut Check. Are You Ready to Pop the Question?
  • Should You Ask “Permission” From Her Dad. Or Her Mom? Or Both?
  • Buying the Bling Bling
  • The 4 Cs – Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat size, and What’s the most important
  • How to Negotiate the Best Price for an Engagement Ring
  • Platinum, Yellow Gold and White Gold
  • Do You Need to Spend TWO MONTHS’ SALARY!!?!? (No, you don’t…)
  • What Actually Makes a Diamond Sparkle?
  • Where To Buy The Ring – Is Costco fair game?
  • Buying a Ring Online
  • Surprise her with a ring or just go shopping together?
  • Planning the Proposal Itself
  • Where and How to Do It
  • What To Say When You’re on One Knee
  • Marriage Proposal Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
  • Telling Your Friends and Family
  • Making A Public Announcement in the Newspaper
  • Two Marriage Proposal Stories that won $5,000 wedding rings and $1,000 cash
  • And there’s more!

Why should you listen to us? Well, we've got experience! One of the writers of the marriage proposal book proposed to his girlfriend on a night that was a full moon, on a pier overlooking the Caribbean Sea, in Roatan, Honduras. (It ain’t easy getting a diamond engagement ring through the airport undetected by your girlfriend!). But back then, he had no trusted resource on making a marriage proposal, so he and his buddies in the same boat decided to write one. There is no one that has read more marriage proposal stories than us – 1,486 marriage proposal stories and counting, in fact. From all those stories, we know what it takes to make your marriage proposal story rock!

Two years ago, 1,400 guys just like you told us how they made their marriage proposal, in a contest sponsored by Gillette.

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Marc C., Modesto, California

"I’m glad I got the book – otherwise I would have just proposed at a nice restaurant. She never saw it coming."

(His proposal was made with the help of 55 friends and a Broadway show…)

How To Make an Awesome

Marriage Proposal

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Rock YOUR Marriage Proposal for ONLY $14.95!